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Perm 2003

  • LUKOIL organizes a series of investor trips to show its production assets. The first trip of this kind, to the city of Perm, was conducted on June 26-27, and gave investors and analysts a chance to see the results of the restructuring program carried out by the Company's subsidiaries in Perm region, and to visit oil production and refining subsidiaries.

  • The trip began with a visit to one of the biggest and technically advanced domestic oil refineries of the Company, LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez. A short guided tour of the refinery was followed by a meeting with the management, during which investors and analysts received a full first-hand account on the facility.

  • The refinery visit was followed by a meeting with the Governor of Perm region, Yury Trutnev, which take place at the main building of the regional administration. Discussions at the meeting focused on the current status, prospective development of the industrial sector and investment potential in Perm region as a whole, and the outlook for LUKOIL development in the region in particular.

  • Investor presentations by LUKOIL-Perm and LUKOIL-Drilling-Perm on activities of those companies were held in late afternoon on June 27.

  • ZAO LUKOIL-Perm operates both mature and new fields, allowing it to maintain average production growth rates of 7% p.a. On June 28 investors and analysts visited two new oil fields, Unvinsky and Sibirsky, and were shown multiple well platforms and drilling facilities, an oil treatment complex and the oil brigade main office. The tour showed how oilmen live and work.