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Denisovskaya Depression

Denisovskaya Depression accommodates Eastern-Laybeshorskaya and Bayandyrskaya field groups. Eastern-Laybeshorskoye field is located in Usinsk District of the Komi Republic, 115 km to the north-west of Usinsk. The field was discovered in 2011, and its trial development began in 2012. The mineral development license is valid until 2023.

Bayandyskoye field was discovered in 2007, and its pilot development began in 2008. In 2014 the Bayadynskaya Oil Treatment Unit adopted an associated petroleum gas (APG) recovery flowsheet, and used it to meet its own requirements or turn the gas over to the Usinsk Gas Processing Plant.

The year 2015 saw commissioning of a 52 ths. tn/year sulphur recovery and granulation unit at Bayadynskaya OTU, oil treatment facilities at Eastern Lambeishor OTU (1.3 mln. tn. per year) and outside facilities supplying power to the Eastern-Laybeshor group of fields.