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Bolshekhetskaya Depression (Northern part of West Siberia)


The Bolshekhetskaya Depression fields are the Company’s key gas producing assets in Russia. LUKOIL’s largest gas field is Nakhodkinskoye, which was put on stream in 2005. Oil production at the Pyakyakhinskoye field commenced in 2016, and its gas production infrastructure was launched in 2017. 

Pyakyakhinskoye field is the Group’s second field put on stream in Bolshekhetskaya Depression.

The Pyakyakhinskoye field’s oil production infrastructure includes a metering station, a field support base, a pumping station to maintain reservoir pressure, an oil treatment unit, and a petroleum gas compressor station. The field’s major gas producing facility is a complex gas treatment unit.

In 2019, in a positive development for its production potential, the tax on additional income regime was extended to the field. The field also implements integrated models (separately for the oil and gas parts of the field) based on the intelligent field concept.