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Filanovsky Field


The field has a unique geology, with highly permeable collectors yielding record-high initial flow rates. Since 2018, production at the field has been at the design plateau level of 6 million tonnes of crude oil per year. The field's development comprises three phases.

Phase 1 infrastructure, commissioned in 2016, includes an ice-resistant fixed platform, a living quarters platform, a riser block, and a central processing platform.

Phase 2, commissioned in 2017, comprises an ice-resistant fixed platform and a living quarters platform.

Phase 3, commissioned in 2019, comprises a wellhead platform (miniplatform).

The V. Filanovsky field's infrastructure generates considerable synergies for LUKOIL's other Caspian projects. For example, the V.I. Grayfer (formerly Rakushechnoye) field output is planned to be delivered for treatment to the V. Filanovsky field's central processing platform and then exported via the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) system. The Yu. Kuvykin field could also benefit from the V. Filanovsky field's transportation infrastructure.

The field implements an integrated model based on the intelligent field concept, enabling field development to be managed in the most efficient way.


  • Phase 1, commenced in 2016, includes the following infrastructure: Ice Resistant Fixed Platform (IRP), Living Quarters Platform (LQP), the Riser Block (RB) and Central Processing Platform (CPP).

  • Phase 2, commenced in 2017 and aimed at supporting the annual plateau production level of 6 mln t, includes an IRP and LQP.

  • Phase 3 includes commencement of a wellhead platform in 2019.